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Originally posted by RickyX
Originally posted by Jon
Originally posted by wilf
but 996 and 996 S / SPS can be a bugger to push over tdc with a power station hooked up to them, let alone the small battery.

Interesting that you say that Wilf, my brother was complaining today that h's had to go out and get a new battery for his 916sps. The bike still wouldn't fire up and he got concerned when the battery leads started to smoke

Any ideas

My 916SPS did this the other day when I tried to turn it over for its monthly garage run.
Needless to say - it didn't start.
I find it handy to have a fire extinguisher nearby - to put out the flames caused by blood-boiling-frustration!
This is also known as "character" and is why we love these machines that cause to jump up and down in frustration!


Spoke to my brother the day after to find that she had fired up after spell on the optimate. He did confess to holding the starter button down for a tad longet than he should heve.
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