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Originally Posted by andyb
How much is a new much is your bike worth.....not least yours or others lives?

Im not a fan of mixing makes........and i not happy with mixing types within a make either.

+1 on that.

As for the BT-014's, my wife has them on her SS and really likes them. 2,000 miles or so and three good track days. I've rode her bike on the street a bit and they are a very neutral tire, which I see as a good thing. They don't drop in too fast and hold a good line. Not hard to get the bike to change lines at any lean angle. Grip has also never been a concern even on the track. If I get this right, the 12 is a little more sticky than the 14 and more of a weekend warrior track going tire than the 14. Also less mileage. BUT, Bridgestone claims the 14 as a good dual compound tire with good mileage in the center and great traction on the sides. I believe this from what I've seen of her tires. The 14 is advertised as an equivalent counterpart to the Pilot Power. Great looking tire too!!! Also, if you are a bridgestone fan..... there is a BT-015 to replace the 14's sometime down the road (that tire is alread out as original equipment on the new CBR 1000RR here in the states) and they are coming out with a BT-002 street version of the D.O.T. track tire BT-002. I'm seriously thinking about going with the BT-002 for my next track day, or the Pilot Race...undecided just yet.
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