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Post FREE Photo Session For Your Bike!

Plunge Studios are offering a free photo session for your Ducati!

The studio session is free with no obligation to purchase the photos. After the session you will receive a link to the edited photos. If you like them you can then purchase as many or as few as you like, either as prints or image file.

A4 Prints will be charged at 25 for the first one and 15 there after, or you can get a full cd with the full shoot for just 40 for you to print off as and when you like.

Other options such as mount and framing, canvas, larger size prints, Mugs, etc… all available on request.

If you don’t like any of the images or you dont want to make a purchase then all you’ve lost is the time its taken for the session - no obligation to purchase!

For more information on this offer, see the website:


If you experience any problems or have suggestions on improvements whilst visiting our website, please contact the Webteam by Personal Message or by emailing us.
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