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Just for discussion (rain riders ?).

Firstly a great big get well soon to all,especially Matt, and Bradders,All our thoughts are with you boys.
A great big well done to all on the various achievements from jimbos triple to Ross,s return, personal positives too numerous to mention the dd padock is up and running .
On a personal note the shoulder is back together but will be in gaffer tape for oulton !!,and it was great to see Keith Jackson (34) up and about after i hit him,and it was a big one ,so all good there.
More to the point,and bear in mind this is only for debate and are only my thoughts regarding rider safety-so here goes.
Firstly, now we are getting larger grids,should we have a staggered start allowing a and b better recognition of their achievements,and a safer passage for all as when it comes to lapping etc the pack is more strung out,and also reducing the first corner(S) melee .
secondly when it gets properly wet and i mean anglesey 3rd race wet when people are aqua planing at 100 mph plus should we have some kind of control.By this i mean ,for example,designate 2 class a,and 2 class b riders (rain riders)who would signal that the conditions are not suitable for competitive racing on our tyres.This of course would not incur any liability on the riders or club,but would at least be good practice to protect riders.The problem being that we are going out in full wet conditions on tyres that cannot shift that amount of water,and unfortunately people have been seriously hurt and from the outside it doesnt look good,and frustrates a lot of people.
I certainly dont want this to take away from people like jimbo who rode an absolutely legendary race,but to let us race in "normal" wet conditions,as i feel we have no protection from other parties who would have no real interest in voiding a race,when the other groups go out.
I know that we have every right to say that we dont want to race,but there is a certain pressure in a national championship that seems to push us out there,so i thought if we started a debate we may meet some medium that may move the series forward safely,
Finaly i thought i would share an intimate moment from the medical centre at anglesey,
hi dave
which room ?
oh the usual!
oh whats that scar?
thats where i had my heart surgery.
Do you have angina.
No,and i dont have t*ts either,its my shoulder that hurts!!
some of the most embattled docs on the planet,you have to thank them for their dedication.
bring on oulton park (and dry racing !!)
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