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I get the feeling that a bit like Rossi 3 years ago, Yamaha have backed Cal into a corner by apparently not offering full works kit for 2014 and I would assume that Ducati have offered a big fat cheque for a couple of years.

The life of a MotoGP rider is relatively short and they need to bank the money when they can.

The other part of the argument is that Audi have deep enough pockets to pay for the R&D to get them out of this mess. If, as a lot of commentators have alluded, the problem lies with lack of feel through the front end - then that is a fixable engineering problem, just takes time and a lot of money - both of which are available.

Could this move have been on the cards for longer though? I seem to remember hearing in the coverage at Mugello, that Cal has bought a holiday home near the track, which is probably not much than an hour from the factory.
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