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Stolen Bikes, will people ever learn?

Owning a motorbike in England.

Lets face it, England is a dump. The criminal justice supports the criminal. How can the police with straight faces, urge the public to rely on the law, when we all accept the law is an ass. The police are sh*t scared of the criminals and are totally powerless. We are surrounded by drugs addicts, organised bike thieves, and imports of a mixed variety with no identity, you cannot trust any ****er. The fact is you can NEVER leave your bike out of site. If you have to do this, even if it is locked, you may as well leave the keys in it and the engine running, leave your helmet for them as well.

I cannot sympathise with anyone thus far who has had their bike stolen. I cannot believe people are stupid enough to take a bike to a track (especially a ‘flash’ Ducati), leaving it unattended for several hours, relying on a bunch of reprobate security staff? WTF???!! and as for parking a Ducati outside, unattended, Iam amazed at peoples niavety.

And it’s no good posting empty threats toward the criminals unless you are prepared to follow them through, and look what happend to Tony Martin.... Most bike thieves are gangs, who don’t have the mentally that you or I have. My dad had a works van stolen last year, fully loaded, he made a few enquires, was given a name, but was advised to leave well alone....

My advice, don’t give the opportunist the opportunity in the first place.

1. Keep the bike in the House. If this is not psychical possible, then move house, (I did). If you partner ‘does not want a bike in the house’, tell them to move out (I did).
2. Alarm the House.
3. Chain the bike to something fixed, like a radiator and remove the wheel nuts.
4. Immobilise & Alarm the bike.
5. Buy a large dog and keep it hungry, (not starving!).

If you cannot do any of the above, move to Spain or Italy (No ice, cheper beer, slimmer girls).

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