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Ducati uses something called a CanBus wiring system. Put simply, every sensor output and command input goes through the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), and as such, any deviation from an expected response from the tail end of your bike, such as unplugging the tail lights, will make it shout 'foul' ! Just as in the LPG conversion industry, where petrol engines are persuaded to run on Liquid Petrolium Gas, one has to disconnect the petrol injectors without letting the ECU know we have done so. The answer is to fit an 'Emulator', to reproduce the same electrical response petrol injectors have and put the gaseous substitute into the air flow instead. Ignoring the gas, as it is irrelevant to this matter, the Emulator is simply a group of resistors, one per injector, which gives the ECU the answer it is expecting for every electrical squirt of current given out. It expects a certain electrical resistance and it gets it. The Ducati ECU needs a similar thing as a surrogate tail lamp. Measure the electrical resistance of your tail lamp.... it might even be written on it or specified in some of Ducati's literature and get a suitable resistor from your friendly local supplier or the Internet. Then get some suitable electrical connectors (needn't be the whole plastic plug) and make up the connections. Remember to insulate everything... heat shrink is a good product for this.
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