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Proposal to run wets in 2016

I am not one for forums and such but I have had to put my natural reluctance to one side in this instance. I do find it rather odd that a major change to the Desmo rules that has been proposed for 2016 has not yet been discussed on the forum and that change is the proposal to run wets. This needs serious consideration by all of the riders.
Kevin had the good grace, around mid season, to ask me for my opinion regarding running wets in 2016 and I have to admit I replied that I had no opposition with the proposal. However, I really did not think too clearly about the matter
I have since reconsidered. Running wet tyres will offer no benefits to us as a class. If it were the case that the existing SportSmart 2 performed poorly or dangerously in very wet conditions, then obviously, for safety sake, the option to be able to switch to a wet tyre specifically designed for such conditions would make sense. However this, to me, appears not to be the case as the SportSmart 2 seems to be an excellent tyre in the wet, it is predictable and clears standing water surprisingly well.
Having to run wet tyres will only incur extra expense for the riders with them having to purchase rims, discs and (wet) tyres. Additionally there will be the aggravation of having to switch over rims in the paddock. There will also be the possibility of a race turning into a lottery if conditions may change during a race and and who will have made a correct or lucky choice will then be faster than those whose tyres do not suit the track conditions (I am assuming here that the rider will be able to make the choice of which tyre he wishes to run and not the organisers? I have no idea what present rules/protocol exist for wet races). Returning to the matter of extra expense, there is no fun in having to discard a set of brand new wets due to a dried up track.
The use of a sole control tyre is to the credit of the series and should not be given up lightly The Desmo series flies the flag of simplicity, a level playing field and an attempt to keep costs down. The prospect of running wets seems to me, at least, to go against all of these principles.
I would like to take the opportunity of thanking Kevin for all of his hard work in keeping the Desmo series alive this year.
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