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Bikes: Looking for an 888 right now
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Originally Posted by Bridgland
Nice bike but really set my sights on a 888.

Thanks for tagging it.

Quick update.

Bonhams had one for sale last weekend. Stored since 1999 and 2,700km, from a private collection in Germany and it made 8050 with premium. However, the tax rules meant that it was deemed new enough in condition and mileage to attract 20% import tax, ignoring the fact that it was a 1994 bike that had been registered back then too....not very nice of them! So in reality, the cost to the winning bidder was closer to 10,000. I did bid on it but it went over my top price and I was too slow by the time I decided I had to put one final bid in (I was bidding over the internet, rather than in person, so the Auctioneer couldn't see the turmoil I was putting myself through!!).

I do have one other bike I am chasing and hope to come to a conclusion ASAP, so fingers are crossed.

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