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Realistic costs for the race series?

Anyone provide me with a rough estimate of the costs of next years race series?

I realise that you can go bananas and spend 10K+ on this, but how much do the experienced ones amongst us reckon it would take to get a competitive bike on the track next year, compete in all rounds and get all the spares/supporting stuff required?

Ie, how much for a fair 620, modded to compete, entry to race series, ACU licence, tyres (wets and spares) etc, etc...

The other thread and a thread I started on the MOC suggested that I would be looking at 6k-7K for the year?

Is this a fair figure? Any ideas? If this is realistic, then its too steep for me.

Its about justifying the money for the relatively short tracktime. How many trackdays can I do for 6K? If you take out the running costs, purchase price etc, then there's still around 2K slack here - so I reckon that's 10-15 trackdays? Is this fair?

I kinda now see the reason why Kev was looking to compete in other series too, in order to justify the expense of setting up the bike I suppose?


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