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Originally posted by Red-leader
Down to the last few millions Mr Rattler !

Times is 'ard fella!!! Just trying to justify keeping three bikes and only using them on the track!!!

Its not necessarily the money, (although it is more than I thought) more the justification of that kind of outlay against what I'm presently doing. I'm not sure I would be able to attend all races anyway as I have other "stuff" that could keep me away, both business and personal (my son's golf or football tournaments for example).

As with most activities/ventures I undertake, I like to set a realistic budget and this one just seems to be getting stretched to what's a bit higher than I had initially expected.

If I do take part, then I realistically won't be attending too many track days on the ZX and that wouldn't justify my present expense on the ZX.

Having given this further thought, I'd need to keep costs down to under 4K to justify it to myself I reckon.

So I'm off to do my sums!!! Any other guys racing now who can add some thoughts?

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