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Originally Posted by Jasper
Basically the reviews started in 1998 with a black cover,corse logo on the spine.

Then for some obscure reason,they decided that certain regions got red covers and some got black.

The contents were always the same.The hardback also changed colour,depending on the year.

If you don't care about having a "collection" of all the same,it makes no odds,if like me you are anal about such things,then unfortunately you collect one sort.This can be expensive!!

I waited two years to get a red 2010,because Europe got black,yet this year Ant gets red ones,and those available on Amazon are still black.Go figure!

You pays your money and makes your choice!!

I have some spares if you need certain years! Some red,some black! Not 1998 or 2006 ! they are the hardest to get.

Cheers for the background.

I have all years including 1998 and 2006 (2 - one signed by Troy Bayliss), but I'd never realised they did different colour jackets until this thread... all mine from the last few years have black jackets with the publisher's logo. I'm happy just having one from each year
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