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Feeling grumpy!

It must be something do with the weather, but my temper has been a bit short of late and I am definately a little on the irritable side at the moment.

Now yet again I had to go into the Post Office in Sevenoaks this morning, to collect some parcels and letters.

Now the parcels wouldn't have fitted through the letter box - thats fair; but then we got onto the letters!

I had 3 letters from Club members that had been posted in A4 envelopes, but with the "small" letter stamps on, so I had to pay 3 x 1.08 to receive them. 1 included another A4 envelope for their ACU licence, again with a "small" letter stamp on it!

Then what really did it, was 4 Christmas cards, that they wanted 1.08 each for because the people sending them hadn't put a "large" stamp on them! So I now have to pay for the privilage of receiving Christmas cards.

Must admit didn't feel cold on the way home - with steam coming out of my ears!
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