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A quick update on our "shake-down" from yesterday at Cadwell with NoLimits.

Weather was mainly fine, although cold in the morning and the odd spitting in the afternoon. The last season was a washout as it was lashing it down.

My bike didn't turn a wheel on track all day due to burnt out regulator and knackered battery. I strongly suspect one caused the other. No matter, while replacements are on the way, I didn't get to test it yesterday. This, I will have to do during next Saturday's morning practise.

NoLimits kindly let me out in the intermediate group sharing one of my mates' GSXR750. At least, I got a few sessions under my my belt which I sorely needed. My last track time was Donington in the rain last October! First session was awful, with getting used to a bike I've never ridden and trying to find my way around again. In fact, it occurred to me that I've never ridden a 4 cylinder bike on any track. It certainly is different! I was surprised at the amount of power, once I got used to wringing its neck near the 14,000 RPM redline. Certainly, in the intermediate group, it was fairly easy to pass people coming out of Barn that were on litre bikes. The bike turned well, handled fine, chattered under heavy braking. It was fun for a change but would take at least a full day to really get to grips.

The trackday was very well run, IMO. I'll let WeeJohnyB tell why he wasn't out on track more...
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