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Getting back on Topic please:

I've had a similar problem Charlotte, that I thought was because I'm using a different web browser to most - Firefox.

However, only today I found out the same thing happened using internet explorer.

Gizmo - has set me off to the right track, bless him.

The previous cookies still existed on my PC for the OLD DSC website.
I did a windows search for 'cookies' as I wasnt sure where Firefox would store them (might be easier to do this search rather than looking anyways) and within the cookie folders - I deleted any files that were named:

"your user name here""

Taaa Daaa - It not only now remembers me correctly but I stay logged in as well, which was not happening before.

You might be getting logged out as above before you get around to actually saving - try the cookie trick above - if its NOT that I'll search deeper.

Cheers - Frank

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