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Envy bike lift

It’s with regret that I write this as I like to think the biker community and the businesses that support it have some integrity, but I think potential buyers ought to know the reality of buying into new innovative products from small businesses.

My wife & I have always been staunch advocates of supporting UK based industry & I was really impressed with the Envy lift demo stand at last year’s bike show, but the lack of support has been absolutely appalling. I'm usually the last one to formally complain but it was an expensive bit of kit & it took 3 attempts over a number of months by Envy to get me the appropriate adapters to get it to work. I’d sent them many photos’ & measurements accepting that this was a fledgling business just starting out. Together we got there in the end & was just pleased that it worked, an excellent bit of kit I thought.

The real trouble started when I changed bikes & Envy were supplying the adapters through a re seller, Fast Bikes Bits. It wasn't cheap, £60 for the Ducati fitting kit but necessary to continue to use the lift. Again the adapter kit was not compatible with the bike even though the Ducati main dealer assured me both the chassis & mounts on my bike were all OEM. To cut a very long story short both Envy and Fast Bike Bits seem to deem it acceptable to just not reply to my emails but are quite happy to take my money. Still to date I've had no replies to my plea for help and offers to come to my house & measure up my bike.

After months of calls & emails being ignored I had no alternative but to solve the problem myself by buying some spacers off ebay & getting an engineer friend to re-turn one of old adapter pins to fit. My point is; what’s happening to British industry, the biker community & just plain old integrity these days? It pains me to say to fellow bikers – Just beware when buying into new ideas from cottage industries and as for the supplier, Fast Bikes Bits – Shame on them!
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