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Old 26-Jul-2005, 09:51 AM
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DSC Member Monty Monty is offline
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DSC TA4 Cadwell

Thanks to everyone who turned up yesterday and had a great day-everyone behaved themselves-well mostly-Chillo only got black flagged once-nice wheelies mate.
We had a 4 main fallers-Rally off the Dibble Corsa machine-bit of gravel rash, Chicken decided to play grass trackers at the chicaine-bit embarrasing for me since I had just been showing him the lines round the track and we had a chat about the best way through the chicaine-oops.
Late on-like at the end of the second last session(after the flag) Mark Tivey-Wheelspin-highsided at Park. I don't know the results as the guys were hauling him off to Louth County Hospital-looked like a possible broken hand and maybe some cracked bones in his foot-anyone know?
The final faller was Scott-Scottch-highsided at the gooseneck-they abandoned the final session since the ambulance had to go and get him which would take 15 minutes minimum. Anyway we waited and waited, the news was that he would be taken to Louth and Julie his mrs would follow in the motorhome. So the ambulance arrives in the paddock, and out climbs Scott-a bit battered, sore shoulder, possible concussion, but not going to hospital-much relief all round.
The staff at Cadwell were happy with our day, which means we are in MSV's good books as organisors.
There were a few passes which were closer than neccessary which I will monitor next time-I think the people concerned will know who they are.
So Brands on the 5th October then-time to get booking people.


[Edited on 26-7-2005 by Monty]
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Old 26-Jul-2005, 10:26 AM
lizzie lizzie is offline
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You missed a couple more fallers then Monty. TerryD made a right old mess of his Senna and Logan had an excursion into the scenery which ended his day just after lunch. Neither hurt though.

Must say I was impressed how few people failed to appear given the conditions; we only had four not turn up despite the yucky weather first thing.

Good to see everyone yesterday and get better soon Wheelspin and Scottch.
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Old 26-Jul-2005, 11:23 AM
Rooney Rooney is offline
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What a great day thanks to everyone who helped me with Wheelspin and getting the van packed, it was nice to put a few more faces to names.

When we got to the track on Sunday afternoon the weather was crap, Sparkin and Tantrum had already got a seat in the bar and was trying to dry off, the next to turn up was glyn who was absolutely soaked through.
Getting the tents set up in the marquee was a great help with it still hissing down we were soon set up and getting the food on the go.

I must admit I bloody hate riding in the wet let alone thrashing round tight narrow track so it was a first for me, but after a few sessions it started to dry out really quick, and with no more rain it stayed dry for the rest of the day. With not many off's we had a good run all day with no red flags, great day thanks again to everyone and see you all soon (Next Sunday hopefully).
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Old 26-Jul-2005, 01:46 PM
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Big up to all the organisers, well done.

It was a great day and most enjoyable, especially after lunch with Il Maestro showing me the best line and giving me a few pointers on improving my technique, thanks Geoff
Sorry to hear about the "muppets", especially Wheelspin, wish I'd known I coulda helped out!

Many thanks to Bradders for putting himself out so I could get there. He lent me his SPS to ride up there and put Monica the Monster on his solo trailer, I rode the Monster on track and he rode his SPS! Thanks Paul

I must apologise to the guy on the Red Multistrada in the Inters after lunch when I outbraked myself into the chicane and he had to move off line to avoid me, it wasn't close but it must have upset his rhythm. Dunno who you are but sorry mate, I tried to find you after but lost you in the melee!

[Edited on 26-7-2005 by psychlist]
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Old 26-Jul-2005, 01:47 PM
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I'll hold my hands up to being one of the no-shows.

Got soaked through coming home from Donington Sunday afternoon, my leathers were still ringing wet when I got up at 5am Monday morning for my 2 hour ride to Cadwell, and the rain was still pouring down outside the window... suddenly it didn't seem so appealing..

Good to hear (nearly) everyone had a good day...
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Old 26-Jul-2005, 02:28 PM
748 ARSE 748 ARSE is offline
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Had a fantastic day and it was nice to meet a few of you who have posted in the past. Dibble, Phyclist ect: I stayed off the track until the first session before lunch as I only had worn rhensports and no tyre man. After lunch had a fantastic afternoon and well worth the drive there and home. Arrived home at 11:30, exhausted and the muscles are a little tired today. Thanks to everyone, especially Lizzie and Ricky x for putting up with me sleeping on the way home. 748 Arse.
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Old 26-Jul-2005, 03:23 PM
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PeteB PeteB is offline
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Superb day, in fact THE most enjoyable track day I've ever done, good to see all the familiar faces and a few rear ends but most important are thanks to ALL those who have put their own time into the organisation and running of the day, another memorable DSC day, thanks again.
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Old 26-Jul-2005, 03:33 PM
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TP TP is offline
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Sounds like it was a great day, shame I couldn't make it in the end.

Nevermind, there's TA5 at Brands
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Old 26-Jul-2005, 04:03 PM
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Redruth Redruth is offline
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Got back an hour ago having had a lovely dry ride home following Loz, until he peeled off for the A4. Very different from the ride up there on Sunday afternoon with Beancounter. I was literally wringing my hands to squeeze out the water and my feet were in puddles inside my boots.

It wasn't looking too promising on the morning of the big day, either. Lots of gung ho types went out anyway but I sat in the canteen praying for it to stop raining. After a couple of sessions, it started to dry up so I decided to risk it and by the afternoon it was fantastic. Not hot and sunny but certainly dry and reasonably bright. Great to be in amongst all those Ducatis and brilliant to see everyone enjoying themselves. Thanks to Monty for the day and to Lizzie for all her hard work. Thanks too to Chris, Yeti, WJB and Geoff Spence the volunteer instructors. Unfortunately, the last session was cancelled so I didn't get the promised tuition from Yeti. Next time maybe?

Dibble did a very kind thing letting Rally borrow his bike ... and get back on after a minor excursion into the grass. Dibble's bike probably insists on going 'off road' every trackday and just decided to do it with Rally on board for a change.

I think that's my last trackday for this year so the Mucky Duchess will be back into road trim in time the the Narfuk raid next Sunday. Thanks to all the DSC peeps for making it such a memorable day. Shame the sun didn't shine enough to encourage Chillo to sun bathe but nice to see your wheelies, mate, they're awesome.

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Old 26-Jul-2005, 04:04 PM
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webbyc webbyc is offline
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Great day and a bog thanks to the organisers - Monty, Lizzie et al. Big thanks also go to Murray and Bev for bringing their trailer over to cart my bike up to Cadwell - great people and then they let me share the tent as well!! Well done Dibs for organising the "outer tent", Nelly for a quick oil change and Mr Bushell for an excellent paela.

Anyway I was really worried about doing this trackday since it was the first one since my big off at Donnington two years ago, so when I saw the weather I was not best pleased. Still decided to give it a go after coming all that way and it was brill. Managed to move up from snail pace at first to being a slightly faster tortoise by the end.

When's the next one?
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