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Question Image Problems - How to Resize Images

If you are having problems uploading (attaching) images to your website posts, it's probably because the images are too big. We have a restriction on the size of the images to ensure that they don't take up too much space on our server, and also that they load in a reasonable amount of time.

The restrictions are:
JPG images (typically photographs): 1200 x 1200 pixels, 630Kb file size
PNG/GIF images (typically drawings/screenshots/etc): 800 x 800 pixels, 250Kb file size

If your images are larger than this, you will need to either resize them to attach them, or you can host them elsewhere.

In this thread we give you a couple of hints on how to do this!

1. Resize your image using a paint program

Simply open your image in your favourite paint program (photoshop, paint shop pro, irfanview, etc) and resize the image so it's within the limits.
Every good paint program will have a resize function, but if you don't have one installed you can try irfanview which is a free program:
In irfanview, go to the "image" menu and select "resize/resample" and type in a suitable size, then choose "save as" in the file menu to save a copy and attach that instead.

2. Resize your image using a utility

If you want a simple way to resize a picture heres a utility from Microsoft called "Picture Resizer".
Install this and all you have to do is right click the picture you want to resize.
Select the advanced menu and you can choose the dimensions you want.

3. Use an Online Picture Resizer

You can also use online (website) tools to resize your pictures.
Most of them a free, quick and easy to use!
You upload your picture there then download the resized pic.
Here's an example list of them -

4. Host your images elsewhere

Rather than attaching the images to your thread (and hosting them on the DSC website) you can host them on your own website or use one of the many free-to-use image hosting services.

A good example is which allows you to upload images and then provides you with the correct "BB" code which you can copy and paste into your thread to show images.

Please note that while this gets round the size limit of posting pics to the site, they may still be way too big or take too long to load to make them suitable. We recommend you always use the "thumbnail" option in imageshack which shows a smaller version with size details, and when you click this it opens up a new window with the full size image.

Hope this helps!

If you experience any problems or have suggestions on improvements whilst visiting our website, please contact the Webteam by Personal Message or by emailing us.

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