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Fordie 24-Sep-2009 08:03 PM

Gordan Bennetts how much!!!!!
Had my renewal form come in the post last week from Bennetts,CBR 1000RR 04, Fully Comp with 6 points on me licence. That will be 226 39p thank you very much.
Allthough I rang them early in the year after gaining another 3 points to add to my tally so it was'nt as if there did'nt know and that 6 of those 9 points are now three years old, I was politely told the figure would be now 740 for cover. I told them politely to stick it.

Bikesure quoted me 220 which includes leathers and hemet cover. Job done 4D

Guido 25-Sep-2009 01:01 PM

Nice one Pete,

Glad you got it sorted.

Seems very common practice that insurers provide a cheap quote to gain new business and then when the 1st year's up and it's time for renewal they come in with a massive increase. Happened to me with Bennetts even tho there was no change in my licence or details.

DW Laxton always come up trumps for me in the end so I have my two bikes and van with them now.


KeefyB 25-Sep-2009 01:20 PM

I guess I'll get hammered next year,......I'm on 12 points.:o :o :o

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