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Iconic944ss 25-May-2014 11:43 PM

Slingshotracing keyless fuel cap vent?
When last in Italy not only was it a little annoying that the bagster tank bag I was using blocked access to the ignition but most times I ended up having to taking the tank bag OFF to refuel. I remember buying a keyless fuel cap for my 900ss and upon pulling the ST cap out discovered the initial fit was spot on, the only worrying part bit is that while the cap has its own mini-vent manufactured on the outside of the actual tank hole - the new cap seems to block off the rear tank rubber vent - but I seem to remember my 900ss having almost exactly the same arrangement.

Other threads seem to hint at cutting down the rubber height?

But I might want to retro-fit the OEM cap at somepoint, so would prefer to mod the cap if anything is going to be subjected to my gorilla type handiwork.

I'll soon know if the tank is pressured to hell, so will keep a close eye on it tomorrow!

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