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phillc 20-Jul-2005 11:01 AM

Temporary Puncture Repairs
Am wondering what the general thoughts are on temporarily repairing tyre punctures when out on the road.

I've looked at a couple of threads on the board already about plugging punctured tyres etc on a more permanent basis. However, what I am interested in is when you're stuck miles from home with a puncture, besides call out the Breakdown Service, what do you do about it?

I've been reading about products like Ultra Seal, that I believe goes into the tyre before any puncture and then seals a hole when it happens.

I also know about stuff like Holts Tyre Weld that can be used after a puncture happens, fills the tyre with foam and away you go (for a short time anyway).

So my question is, with an impending 3500 mile European tour, do I fill my tyres with Ultra Seal or similar before setting out? Do I just carry a couple of bottles of Tyre Weld incase I get a puncture? Do I just leave it to chance and hope? Any better options?

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Dibble 20-Jul-2005 11:14 AM

easy mate, get yourself over to www.wraysburytyres.co.uk in Chertsey and buy one of Steves plug kits, he will even run through how to use it with you plus he is a top fella .... I've had tyres plugged and its not an issue .... we took one of Steves kits to France on our recent trip but luckily didn't need it ....

If you are happy to just read the instructions than Steve will post you one out.

FiscusFish 20-Jul-2005 11:16 AM

A better bet than Tyre Weld is one of those temporary puncture repair kits. They come with a bradell for enlarging the hole, some glue, rubber bungs and some soda siphon type cartridges. You basically stick the bung in the hole and then use the cartridges to inflate the tyre. Kit costs in the region of a tenner. I never once managed to use Tyre Weld for more that a couple of hundred metres before the tyre went down again...

Saying that in 500,000 odd miles as a courier I had p'raps 5 punctures that actually immobilised the bike. The rest of the nails and screws etc from Londons crappy streets went in but didn't actually deflate the tyre enough to stop me getting it fixed.


Delooney 22-Aug-2005 10:51 PM

Had the same worry myself.

Picked up a puncture in the rear leaving local bike shop and had it plugged.

Done almost a 1000 miles and no loss of pressure in 4 months.

Saved me buying a new Diablo !


YMFB 23-Aug-2005 12:01 AM

I bought one of those top jolly kits with the co2 bottles, funny corkscrew thing etc from Touratech on the grounds that if I spent enough money on the puncture kit with any luck I would need it. So far so good.

marko 23-Aug-2005 08:15 PM

I bought a Puncture kit from Hein gericke last year,(just in case)

I fitted a new rear tyre to the 749 just before the trackday at snetterton and the following weekend the bike was booked into Moto-Italia for warranty work.
On the way I got a puncture in the rear tyre (after only 600 miles, it breaks your heart) I fixed the rear tyre with a plug as per instrutions and it worked
it got me to Italia a little late and a little slower but it worked.

Now I wound't be without one.:)

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