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HW 21-Mar-2009 12:24 AM

Back again!
Hi y'all.

Just like to say I am pleased to see that the club is alive and well. It's been a busy couple of years for us with no bikes on the road and dropped off the radar.

Now moved house to Swindon and both the 749s and the 620 Monnie are back on the road.

Some may remember us <waves>, and some may prefer not too. Either way, nice to be back, would like to meet anyone local around Swindon/Wiltshire.

Henry & Kirst
(formally of Grantham in Lincolnshire)

KeefyB 21-Mar-2009 10:02 AM

Good to hear from you Henry.(I thought you had emigrated???)
Hopefully the Wiltshire roads will be just as exciting as the ones around here.:)

skidlids 21-Mar-2009 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by KeefyB
Hopefully the Wiltshire roads will be just as exciting as the ones around here.:)

They are
I rode the A338 from Hungerford to Wantage early yesterday evening and it was great fun on the S2R, Oxon/Berks often meet at Newbury which is only a small hop from Swindon, also rideout Salisbury way as well as the roads out the back of Faringdon of Cirencester
Hopefully see you on one of the rideouts over the coming months

HW 21-Mar-2009 07:04 PM

Ah yes, emigration. That certainly was the plan, and we went through the application process. We came a cropper with some of their red tape though (NZ Immigration), because they count qualifications differently depending on which department wrote the rules. Madness. Ended up starting a business here instead, and now actually doing that and a job in Swindon hence the move down here.

Looking forward to attending some meets too ... I'll have a dig around the forum for details. :-)


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