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Rob B 27-Sep-2005 10:16 AM

Hi-Comp pistons - Advice
I'm considering some mods to the engine over the winter. I have some Cosworth pistons and wondered if anyone had subjected them or there like to road miles. In particular, I was thinking that the fact that they probably have thinner rings and shorter skirts might lead to more noise/wear/oil use.

The bike is for fun so I am happy to live with the shortened service life but I really want to avoid an engine that breaths a load of oil.

Any thoughts?

Rgds, Rob

Sut888 27-Sep-2005 02:06 PM

Rob, I've got Hi comp pistons in my T8. I used 748R '853' conversion pistons made by Pistoli I think. You have to set squish (using the base gaskets which ducati supply for this) and make sure you have sufficient valve clearance. But I've had no problems, exept it wound'nt tick over until she was well run in. Doesn't use any oil between changes.

Rgds, Ian.

Sut888 27-Sep-2005 02:40 PM

Forgot to mension, make sure they are the same weight as the original pistons or you will have to rebalance the crank.

Rgds, Ian.

phil_h 27-Sep-2005 04:31 PM

- if you look at std duc pistons, you can't call them anything but short - so dont worry about that aspect
- if you look at the spec of thin racing rings, you'll generally find that they are better than the road-going ones - and thin rings in good condition on a good condition piston and bore will seal just as well as thicker ones - its racing pistons without oil-control rings that give problems on the road
- if you change the oil regularly you will tend to keep wear to a minimum - so you'll be doing that anyway
- if you keep the revs below maximum you will keep the ring temperature and hence their wear rate down ...

so thats all up to how you twist your wrist !

as to breathing oil - dont forget that worn valve guides will cause that too !

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