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firefly_1965 24-Feb-2009 02:02 PM

888 For Sale
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It is with great sadness to announce that i have to sell my new baby after only eight months of ownership. You see, the big CC affects people in my line of work more than those bankers in the city, as i was a three man construction/refurbishment outfit.............now i am a one man outfit, having let the other two chaps go.........and i didnt get a bonus either. Every penny that can help keep the buisness going in these tough times is an added bonus, and a 888 sitting in the garage used for odd journey into town or a weekend blast is not convincing the accountant/missus.

I bought the bike in July of 2008 from a chap local to me who had owned since 1999 and was previously owned by Paul Smart (Barry Sheenes brother-in-law) for some years. I dont know if/or what mods he may have carried out but it pulls like a train. I dont know if this is because it is a genuinely low mileage bike........have all the old MOT's to verify mileage, the engine is tight as a nut, John at Braines Racing was very complimentary about the engine. I presume anyone interested in the bike will know a thing or two about 888's so i will stop with the sales pitch and give the facts.

16,000 miles
Three previous owners
Last owner since 1999
Mot/tax until July 2009
New rear tyre 400 miles ago
Micron Cans............sound great
Small cracks in the front mudguard
Fairing not perfect..............will post pics of the fairing when i get a chance
Chain/sprocket replaced recently
Serviced last July

When i bought the bike in July, the owner was very honest and informed me that he had the bike serviced in 2007 at a cost of nearly 500.00 pounds.........have receipt to prove this, but he barely managed a few hundred mile. SO, as soon as i picked up the bike, i dropped it off for a service at Ducati Proteam in Wimbledon.............375.00 pounds lighter i had a fully serviced/recommissioned/checked over bike, which i used for the next four months, once again enjoying 888 ownership.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY..................the bike is not MINT.......its showing its fifteen year age and has not been restored, that was my intention but as i have explained this not possible for me at the moment. It would make a great ongoing project to bring it back to its former glory, i'm sure someone will be able to do it justice. The pictures make it look nicer than it is..................i just want to be HONEST and not dissappoint anyone who turns up to have a look at it.

The bike owes me over 3400.00 at the current moment. Feel free to pm me for more info. The bike can be viewed in Cranleigh Surrey or Slough Berkshire.

2800.00................i think this is a fair price

Feel free to call me on 07866 431883 or PM me for more info

Iconic944ss 24-Feb-2009 09:51 PM

Very sorry to hear of your need to sell, if you have photo's ready to go with the post I'll host & post it/them up for you - blanking out the no. plate is quite easy for me now too, I'm glad to say:



Cheers - Frank

firefly_1965 25-Feb-2009 07:03 PM

Hi frank,

I have managed to upload the photos, thanks for yr help

firefly_1965 26-Feb-2009 05:50 PM

Come on people i'm virtually giving it away...................:eek:

keith888 27-Feb-2009 07:09 AM

Your bike looks nice and 888s have fetched good money on eBay recently. You'll easily get your asking price on there so why not list it?


firefly_1965 27-Feb-2009 01:49 PM

Hi Keith,

I was trying to avoid ebay, have a few people interested, if nothing happens, it may have to be flea-bay.


999nik 01-Mar-2009 07:18 PM

fire fly you have pm

ali 01-Mar-2009 07:21 PM

It's an absolute steal, and if I wasn't moving house back to Guernsey in three weeks I'd be biting your arm off. As it is I've had to give myself a strict talking to every day to stop me form buying it! :lol:

Good luck. :D

firefly_1965 01-Mar-2009 08:25 PM

Hi Ali,

I was biting my own arm trying to keep it................alas it has now gone, am missing it already..............damn better get that fsie out of the garage and restore it.


viper1 16-Feb-2012 02:52 AM

Sure wish you were in the States, I would buy it!!!!!! Good luck with the sale, it's a nice looking bike!

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