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Steve M 22-Feb-2005 03:16 PM

Track day tyres for SS\'s
There's been lots threads on tyres for 4V bikes but not much about tyres for the Supersport range

What do those who do track days on SS's use and what do you think of them?


I've used the original fitment Mich' high sports (used on road & track)and D207's (used road only) and prefer the D207's for the the quicker steering.

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Loz 22-Feb-2005 03:21 PM

Paulmort may not be in a position to respond, but I seem to recall he was happy with the Bridgestone BT012SSs on his Blooo Duke.

Maybe he will be along to confirm or correct me!

Jools 22-Feb-2005 03:26 PM

Not an SS, but a 2-Valver nonetheless. One word.... Diablos !

I had some on my ST2 all last summer, did Cadwell and Rockingham on them. At Cadwell, they gripped like a leech and simply wouldn't budge. At Rockingham, well, nobodies tyres gripped at Rockingham once it rained but in the dry sessions I was circulating in the fast group without too many people coming past me and it was the same story....they just grip and when they do start to move they do it very predictably. They moved a bit more at Rocky, but they were already 4000 miles old by then.

Anybody who needs the extra grip of corses on a two valver must be very brave indeed

dickieducati 22-Feb-2005 03:54 PM

not sure on tyre sizes but if you are after the same sizes that the desmodue boys are using. im sure there will be plenty "used for 1 or 2 races" set available. pirelli diablos are the control tyre.

ali 22-Feb-2005 04:26 PM

Echo Jools's comments. I've used Dragons & Diablos for ten years and the only time they've got slippy was at Snetterton in 30 degs C. Rode off the edge of them all last summer and never had a moments concern, so I'd only change to supercorsas if I could have wets/inters as well.

If you want faster turn-in go for the 70 section front as it has a slightly more domed profile, but be prepared to drop the forks the corresponding amount if needs be.

I think, given the DD reaction, that tyres are a very personal issue, but many factors such as suspension setup, skill, warm-up time, riding style, and tyre-pressure have a much greater effect than the composition of a tyre. I'd be very surprised if anyone here could say they've tested all their tyres under the same conditions, using the same bike. Get what you're comfotable with and get them (and your suspension) set up properly.



andys 900ss 05-Mar-2005 04:24 PM

Hi Steve,

I've always been a Dunlop fan, as they known to let you know before they let go (unlike the Michelins you've had). My 900ss had D207's on and I go to Donnington quite a few times a year. I changed to D207rr's last time and found them to be much better and holding a more accurate line through the cranners and out of coppice (high speed turns). I do have Marchesini wheels on to lighten things up and the previous owner prefered 170 rears but I use 180's. The 012's I have on my track R1 and these feel good too, but I got some D208gp's for the 'better-weather'.


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