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al9 23-Mar-2012 12:51 AM

Ducati Insurance and Termignoni
hi anyone else had this problem, i am picking my new bike either 2mrw or saturday its a 999s mono 2004, it has termignoni race exhaust. I wanted to declare it so there is no problems at a later date. I told the lady at ducati insurance today the modification crash bungs,carbon heel plateclear cambelt cover AND that it had the termignoni race exhaust she said thats fine it will be replaced with originals if there is a claim she gave me a price of 525 fully comp. i paid the deposit and rest by instalment. when i recieved the documents by email it shows on the modification document every thing i stated except with the exhaust it said "road legal performance exhaust upton 5% power increase". I rang back to query this as its obviously( i think to ducati experts) not a road legal exhaust-on the exhaust it states not for road use,anyways the bloke says they do not cover race exhausts, he asked me if there are baffles in it, i told him i have to ask the seller obviously by the time i got through to seller the insurance was closed, apparently it does have baffles, but that doesnt change the fact it states not for road use. Now what can i do call them up and cancel, Does Carol Nash insure race exhaust(i heard that they do but charge an extra 100, dont mind paying that if its true), just i dont want to cancel then find out that they dont, and i still have to end up putting standard exhaust back on. thanks al:confused:

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