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Justin999 27-May-2014 02:44 PM

Panigale static noise test
I’ve been doing trackdays for years & pretty familiar with the static noise tests most of the circuits perform. For many years I've been running with baffles fitted to 4 cylinder bikes. Last year my 999 was passing static noise tests at 98db with no baffle - happy days.

I’ve just bought a new 1199 Panigale & the Ducati dealer tells me there is some sort of static noise test ‘waiver’ granted by MSV & the other UK track owners for this bike as I believe static it will fail but a drive-by apparently it will pass (with OEM exhausts)

I’m not finished running the bike in yet but I want to see something ‘official’ with regard to the noise testing for this bike rather than just chance it at its first track day. There is a lot of debate & rumour on other forums that the Panigale is as much as 114db on a static test.

Anyone know if such waivers exists?

The Hammer 29-May-2014 01:16 AM

No waiver, but there was lots of confusion measuring the pani for noise as they held the boom by the riders footpeg as you would for a side mounted or underseat exhaust giving huge readings fron the under engine pipes. Apparently msv etc have now reviewed how they measure a pani, but some a still loud. Especially mine with open termi's!

Justin999 29-May-2014 08:11 AM

Have heard back from Ducati UK;

"I would suggest you only book Noisy track days which are listed as such, usually around the 105db, such as the Ducati day yesterday at Donington or Silverstone on 31 July

If in doubt please call the circuit and check what their noise limit is on the day you choose, and ask if they have had any issues with a 1199 with OEM exhausts on their noisy days, though most wouldn’t know if they were OEM exhausts fitted or not!"

It appears clear 98db days represent a significant risk to failing the minimum noise requirements. Where owners stand with circuits like Oulton Park & Snetterton which is 102db seems to be a grey area.
For me, Norfolk is a long way to go to be turned away with OEM pipes!

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