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Iconic944ss 21-Oct-2011 01:17 AM

Trackbike Itch - please stop me !!!
Hi all,

Not much for me to post lately, so I've just been lingering in the background.

After watching some great classic racing of late, I'm starting to get the dreaded trackday itch again.

Then the other day I spotted a 1000DS motor for sale and stupidly ran through all the spares I currently have....

Frame, SBK forks, yokes, fairings, wheels, split or twinned 41mm FCR's, shocks, seats and track foot rests.

So dammit, its started something now, 1000DS motor, loom and coils are available, it wouldnt be going on the road so I could go on a real weight cutting diet but would need a swingarm and a fuel tank but not the end of the world I guess.

Questions - is this actually viable MS1000DS motor in a 97 SS frame, then converting it to carbs (FCRs) as the injectors have sold already.

Maybe someone had better talk me out of this......MONTY !!!! where are u :D


chris.p 21-Oct-2011 07:52 AM

Sounds good to me frank, why not sound it out with Nelly??


skidlids 21-Oct-2011 09:56 PM

I take it thats the Multistrada engine that been on Ebay for a few weeks for around 595, I'm pretty sure its missing the bearings in the back of the engine cases for the fitting of a Supersport type swingarm as the Multistrada swingarm contains the bearings

Iconic944ss 22-Oct-2011 08:09 AM

Well done Kev, I didnt twig that - my quick look at the poor overall condition had me thinking it was the same crankcases as my 900ss.

Could this be overcome or would I be better off looking out for a SS1000DS motor?


Pablo Pirate 27-Oct-2011 12:04 AM


Ha! You have had the same thoughts as me! Got all the bits to make a track bike and the motor is a very good price. Only thing that stopped me going on and getting the engine is I need to complete my road bike before taking on any more projects.

Good luck if you take the plunge!!

Cheers Pablo

skidlids 27-Oct-2011 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by Iconic944ss
Could this be overcome or would I be better off looking out for a SS1000DS motor?


Possibly Frank
My S2R and my M1100 both have single sided arms with bearings in and no bearings in the crankcases. These use the Footrest plates that bolt to the crankcases as outter bracing on the swingarm, it may be possible to modify a set of these or get something made from Billet but then you have the problem of what swingarm to use with the frame and that depends on what Frame your intending to use as only certain ones will be suitable

Iconic944ss 27-Oct-2011 07:09 AM

Many Thanks again Guys,

Lots of research going on ;)

Seems I'm REALLY complicating things by even considering turning an FI motor back to running FCR's which is what I want to do (thinking it was) for simplicity but that route is pretty complex.

I think my easiest option would be to find a strong / tuned 900ss carby motor and work forwards from there.

Cheers - Frank

skidlids 27-Oct-2011 06:11 PM


Originally Posted by Iconic944ss

I think my easiest option would be to find a strong / tuned 900ss carby motor and work forwards from there.

Cheers - Frank

I wonder what my mate Viv is intending doing with his 944 motor as he was planning on going to a 1000cc Dual Spark engine in his Monster although probably retaining the FCR Flatslides

Next time I see him i'll ask

Monty 28-Oct-2011 10:47 AM

Lets face it Frank-you were lost the minute you posted that on here................
Personally I am thinking of converting my Gilera Saturno into a track bike-engine is already tuned-on the other hand there were some lovely TT2 rolling chassis at the Stafford show so all I would need is a 650 Pantah engine-see-I'm just as bad-if not worse-than you are. No point expecting ME to talk you out of it.


Iconic944ss 28-Oct-2011 03:02 PM

LOL - of course not - I obviously wanted to be talked into something ;)

Good plan John, TT2 bikes do look & sound great, I saw some at Donington Classics last year.

Plan is rolling forwards and I'm already buying other rolling chassis parts to leave options open for an engine - Kev, I appreciate any feelers you may be able to put out!

916 style DD seat is on its way and ANOTHER pair of P4/34 calipers I was owed have returned home.

Tank and swingarm are next - tank will be converted to gravity feed for my split single FCR's :D

Sadly - my ST4s is now for sale here to fund anything else!!!

Cheers - Frank

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