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DSJ 21-May-2018 09:35 PM

Ducati 916 Questions
Hi All,

I am new to the forum and hopefully going to be purchasing a Ducati 916 and have a couple of questions that hopefully can be answerered:

1. Termi Exhaust - the bike has the original Ducait 916 exhaust but thinking about changing to for the same one as the SPS. Maybe a silly question but can you still source this through Ducati or is it a matter of finding second hand these days? (what was the spect of the SPS cans?)

2. Fairing - there are a couple of issues with some of the panels which can probably be refinished but if I needed to get some new panels is it again second hand or can Ducait still supply?

3. Decent parts map with numbers - can anyone point me to a decide parts map?

Thanks for the help!!


antonye 23-May-2018 12:32 PM

I don't think that there will be many parts available directly from Ducati these days that are not either NOS or leftovers, and they will probably be eye-wateringly expensive!

For end cans you should be quite lucky as most of the range (748/916/996/998) will fit with a little tweaking. You can go for either end-cans alone (which may require a different mid-pipe behind the right foot depending on size) or go for the whole system. Spec wise you will want to traditionally go with Termignoni but they have been raced with lots of other systems (like Arrows), and some with different badges on for sponsorship reasons!

For parts diagrams, Ducati normally provided these on their website:

However, it only started from the 996 rather than the 916. I know that there are workshop manuals available for the 916 (as I have one on CD) but these are more maintenance steps rather than parts breakdowns. Most dealers should have access to the parts system though that will give you part numbers, and a lot is also available if you search online. Some stuff will have been superseded by improved versions - which is where asking a dealer is better - or will be the same on 996,998 and 748.

If in doubt just post up here as I'm sure someone will know!

DSJ 26-May-2018 09:27 PM

Thanks for the response - this is really helpful!!


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