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Rattler 11-Dec-2004 07:19 PM

Realistic costs for the race series?
Anyone provide me with a rough estimate of the costs of next years race series?

I realise that you can go bananas and spend £10K+ on this, but how much do the experienced ones amongst us reckon it would take to get a competitive bike on the track next year, compete in all rounds and get all the spares/supporting stuff required?

Ie, how much for a fair 620, modded to compete, entry to race series, ACU licence, tyres (wets and spares) etc, etc...

The other thread and a thread I started on the MOC suggested that I would be looking at £6k-£7K for the year?

Is this a fair figure? Any ideas? If this is realistic, then its too steep for me.

Its about justifying the money for the relatively short tracktime. How many trackdays can I do for £6K? If you take out the running costs, purchase price etc, then there's still around £2K slack here - so I reckon that's 10-15 trackdays? Is this fair?

I kinda now see the reason why Kev was looking to compete in other series too, in order to justify the expense of setting up the bike I suppose?



Redsps 11-Dec-2004 07:30 PM

You may want to abort now tim, I was doing some calcs, it's not going to be cheap in comparison with what you acctually get from the whole thing.


paulmort 11-Dec-2004 07:32 PM

(wets and spares) etc, etc...

spares Tim,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,add another thousand on for keys and delivery:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::l ol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

srri m8, couldnt resist it, but nice article in Pronto, brought back memories

yeti 11-Dec-2004 07:46 PM

S'alorra track days Tim. Lets get you bladdered in Cartagena and we'll talk about it. Looked at exactly the same equation and decided against it in the end. All you got to do is have one crash, not even your fault and the whole thing ends in tears.

On the other hand - Life is not a rehearsal! :sing::sing::sing::sing::sing::sing::sing::sing:

chris.p 11-Dec-2004 10:14 PM

How long is a piece of string:puzzled:,

First off, cost of the bike, second do you want it to be competative?, yes, so suspension, new rear shock£400+, front suspension £250+ (around Mallory suspension can make up to 2 seconds a lap, don`t sound much but it is, ask Weeksy,skidlidspaynap etc ), spare wheels(do not use ebay, to dear, try a friendly breakers, tell them what it is for,should get them a bit cheaper, also spare clipons etc, if it will get damaged if you fall off, carry a spre one. tyres, one set of wets £200, one set of race tyres per 3 meetings depending on suspension & commitment. Spares, tyre warmers, generator, cost of entry fees, fuel to get there etc, etc.
Go and see local tool hire shops & get a generator on the cheap by advertising the company on your bike, it is suprising what can be done.
7 to 10k sounds to much, 3k tops for a bike inc suspension spares etc after that its entry fees, fuel & tyres, I did a full competative season in F400 using secondhand tyres, hang around the paddock, check out the well off guys, they flog off tyres before they are to worn. Its down to you on how you want to do it, all new=expensive, secondhand=far cheaper.


ali 11-Dec-2004 10:32 PM

As much as I'd love to blow £10k on a sorted 620 there's no possible chance of doing so for many years. I'll have a realistic ceiling of £4k for the season, with a max of £1400 going on the initial bike purchase. If a decent deal can be done for a 674 kit then I may stretch it by 10% but after that and it'll be more deomestic grief than I can handle!

I can completely understand those with cash spending it and, given the mixed grid, it'll be good to see a wide variation. I'm really looking forward to seeing the brightest/cheapest solutions to making the most of the rules, not the person who's dropped off a £4k 620 to a mechanic for a month of dyno work.

Having said that, if I win the lottery then its carbon/ti everything and race school with Rossi! :)

Anyone with experience think I'll have a hard time sticking to the £4k budget??



skidlids 11-Dec-2004 10:35 PM

Cost of Desmo Due

Hope to get a 600SS for £1500, will try and make 916 race fairing fit as I already have one and it has a catch tray.
Fit new belts, oil and filter. £75 ish
Slip on exhaust, dynojet kit and K&N unless bike already has some or all of these. £2??
Aeroquip hoses if not already fitted. £20
Fork oil change, maybe different grade, air gap and preload spacers £20
Maybe new spring on rear shock £30
Two front tyres and three rear. already got a couple of fronts and a rear so about £170
Solo seat would be nice
Steering damper--- Not sure if needed yet maybe it will be at Castle (Bumpy) Combe but not Brands Indy or Cadwell woodlands.
Acu licence is already on the cards so not a added cost, New Era and North Glos club memberships likewise.
Entries if I race in another class as well one class will get a reduced rate so will add little to my yearly entries.
Same applies to transport costs etc as I will be racing next year anyway.
Race fuel for a timed practice and two races say around £15
No eyesight test, traing school or novice bib,

So mainly about a £2k outlay on a bike and then I'll be ready to go out to play. Now what shall I sell off to try and raise £2k, full 749S body kit, 955 Corse engine and running gear, Fireblade, GSXR600K2 race bike, DP rearsets and heal carbon gaurds, 54mm exhaust, ZXR400L even the Dymag Carbon arm. Hopefully it will be the Blade just after Xmas

Red-leader 11-Dec-2004 11:15 PM

Down to the last few millions Mr Rattler !

Rattler 11-Dec-2004 11:47 PM


Originally posted by Red-leader
Down to the last few millions Mr Rattler !

Times is 'ard fella!!! Just trying to justify keeping three bikes and only using them on the track!!!;)

Its not necessarily the money, (although it is more than I thought) more the justification of that kind of outlay against what I'm presently doing. I'm not sure I would be able to attend all races anyway as I have other "stuff" that could keep me away, both business and personal (my son's golf or football tournaments for example).

As with most activities/ventures I undertake, I like to set a realistic budget and this one just seems to be getting stretched to what's a bit higher than I had initially expected.

If I do take part, then I realistically won't be attending too many track days on the ZX and that wouldn't justify my present expense on the ZX.

Having given this further thought, I'd need to keep costs down to under £4K to justify it to myself I reckon.

So I'm off to do my sums!!! Any other guys racing now who can add some thoughts?


Rattler 12-Dec-2004 12:03 AM

Cheers Weeksy - food for thought.

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