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SennaIII 23-Sep-2003 09:59 PM

I picked up a split pin in gravel in my 500 mile-old rear Michelin Hi-Sport last Saturday. After being recovered to a local dealer he would not repair the puncture, saying that the angle of entry of the pin was not perpindicular to the tyre carcass and that the plug would not seal correctly. I suspect the real reason was that he had too much work on a Saturday afternoon to be bothered.

Does anyone have experience of using tyre sealants? I have been looking at a product called Ultraseal which claims to seal safely most punctures up to 6mm diameter.
I would be interested in any views on safety - most tyre fitters are anti (presumably they would prefer to fit a replacement tyre). Has anyone used it to repair a flat

tyreman 24-Sep-2003 08:19 AM

tyre sealants.....we use the stuff in commercial type tyres,it is really good stuff for example we change tyres from a trailer that gets in excess of 50 rivets in ,we only change the tyres when there are too many punctures for the tyre to be safe(too many holes in carcass of tyre)but when you come to a bike which is no slow vehicle and only have two wheels would you yourself be happy not knowing you had a nail in your tyre? i will repair bike tyres but dont recomend it,at the end of the day its down to the rider.also this liquid in your tyre when parked up overnight will settle in bottom of your tyre so when you set off you have an unbalanced wheel until the liquid settles back round the wheel.again i say this is really good stuff but for uses other than sports bikes,metzeler have a emergancy plug kit that is excellent and will get you home.another point once you have put sealant in a tyre it is very dificult to repair as inside of tyre is full of gloop this area needs to be clean and dry to do a safe plug repair.

hope this helps tyreman

DJ Tera 24-Sep-2003 09:38 AM

Senna mate i reckon its a perfect excuse to get rid of those ****ty michelins!!!

SennaIII 02-Oct-2003 08:10 PM

Tyreman - thanks for your advice. It seems such a shame to dispose of a nearly new tyre that I have just 'scrubbed in'. I am going to get it repaired as it should be fine for normal road use - after all I can hit 50mph on my bicycle with tryes weighing only a few ounces. On the issue of sealants - I would rather have these in my tyre as well as a nail than just to have the nail. I check my tyres regularly for cuts and nails so I wouldn't expect this to be a major problem.

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