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Nigel Booker 15-Jul-2005 07:25 PM

Top Guys at Datatool
The Datatool Evo alarm on my 996 developed a fault about two weeks ago it kept going off after only about 10-15 seconds and I could only use the bike with the alarm in service mode. One week later and the service mode warning beeps stopped and the dash light packed up.

I emailed the technical department at Datatool and they guided me through all the meter tests I needed to do to check the system power and imobilliser functions. After testing and finding no faults they suggested that I send the PCB back to them and they would test it and repair it as required. After only four days its back on the bike and working as it should.

Datatool have made no charge for the repair or for the return p&p. As the alarm is now four years old this is excellent service and I will definitely get a Datatool alarm fitted in the future.

Pete A 26-Jul-2005 02:30 PM

I'll second that! Unbelievable service from the technical dept. My system 3 packed up and it is now 7 months out of warranty, rang them and went through various possibilities, they decided it was obviously U/S then told me how to remove it - sent back and replaced f.o.c. as good will jesture. - Can't say farer than that!!!

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