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AndyW.Inuk 16-May-2013 12:07 AM

Diagnostic / service tool
Final push!.

Diagnostic tool for Mitsubishi ECU's - MTS1200, Diavel and Panigale:

Ok we're almost there but for the R&D work to be completed sooner rather than later you need to show your interest by sending an email....


Thanks andy, this helps me push R&D; we just need more people writing in directly asking about it, to show R&D and management that the tool has a market, real market and that people will purchase it; we only have recorder 50 people that have joined the mailing list plus maybe another 25 from general/sales inquiry trough the website, regarding the Mitsubishi tool, this, from all around the world.

If itís only that amount of people, R&D will not push forward at the pace they should.

Our website has a contact tab, it can be used in General Inquiry or Sales Inquiry or Technical Support.

Either under the Sales > Direct tab or Support > Contact

Contact Us :: TechnoResearch Inc

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