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weeveetwin 02-Sep-2005 09:11 PM

Help! - Veto Evo problem
Hi guys

Took the fairing off my 888 to top up the oil. Whilst the indicator bulb was disconnected, the alarm armed itself. Now, for some reason, it won't respond to the remote.

Having then to move this bike in order to park my other bike, the alarm sounded - and it wouldn't stop despite my removing the main battery etc. It finally stopped when its own internal battery had flattened, but now the siren sounds whenever I refit the main battery - and the bike is still immobilised. Still no response to the remote either.

Anyone have any ideas how to overcome this problem? I should add that the remote's battery is good, and its display light flashes when I press the arm/disarm button. I've tried pressing both buttons to re-align too.

Do I now have to disconnect the alarm altogether in order to start the bike??


antonye 02-Sep-2005 09:35 PM

Don't talk to me about alarms! :flame:

Got stranded in town the other day when mine decided to play silly buggers and wouldn't disarm via the fob. I ended up finding some replacement batteries for the fob from a watch repair shop round the corner from the parking bay - 6.95 each and it needed two!

Replaced the batteries, went back to the bike and ... nothing!

I'd heard tales of people having similar problems with radio waves from phone masts and the like stopping their alarms from working, so I pushed the bike about 50 yards up the road to the multi-story car-park as the nice thick concrete walls would sort that out. Tried again ... nothing.

One frantic call to TP, as I knew he'd be close to a PC and could get here and check the instructions for my alarm (Meta 375T) as I posted them a while back for safe keeping. The only way to get it out of alarm mode was to do some trickery by entering a 5-digit code using the ignition, but that code was at home. Then my phone went onto low battery...

I ended up checking the connections on the alarm box, just in case, and then noticed that the aerial for it was tucked behind the box and frame, so I pulled it through a bit and tried again. Bingo!

On the way home I needed petrol so I had to quickly take the key out, undo the filler cap and put it back in the ignition while I filled up so it wouldn't arm again, just in case. Then I had to repeat to shut the filler and leave the key in while I paid - luckily it's a small local garage so no worries about that.

It seems to be a bit better now, but only time will tell.

Dunno if this helps or not though....:(

antonye 02-Sep-2005 09:35 PM

Oh, and to really **** me off I was in Maplins this morning, further into town from where I bought the batteries, and they had the same ones in there for 1.99 each :mad:

weeveetwin 03-Sep-2005 07:03 PM

Bl**dy alarms..!


There, I feel better now. Cheers Antonye. Good to know others are suffering too.

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