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Stealth 04-Sep-2005 09:27 AM

Stolen 996 and 748 in Delft Holland on 1st Sep
Subject tells you the sorry tale. S996 KUB (996) and N748HPP (748) stolen from Hotel car park in Delft. Only realised when fully kitted up and walked out to get on bikes to catch early ferry.

Still grieving badly. Had my 996 seven years, 24 000 miles, numerous trackdays and contiinental runs. Never broke down and many more miles to go. Looked gorgeous too - full Ohlins, AP discs and calipers up front, brembo competition caliper and fully floating JHP disc at rear, Mag Marchesinis, DP carbon etc.,

My mate whose 748 was locked to mine in similar state of grief.

We think that the bikes are probably dismantled in the Ukraine right now - so not hopeful.

Carole Nash got us home - thanks

Now need to sort insurance and focus on replacement (996R/998S orR).

To those that stole our bikes - you are cursed to suffer from all unhappiness and pestilence that the world can muster.

Lily 04-Sep-2005 09:32 AM

totally gutted for you mate :(

lad we lnow had his nicked over there a few years back!

hope you get a decent pay out and you are back riding soon

Stealth 04-Sep-2005 10:04 AM

Thanks Lily.

Seemed a bit ironic that we left bikes in places like Poland with no trouble at all. Come back to Holland where you think you are closer to home territory and then this happens.

I am going to have to find hotels that let me put my bikes in the room with me in future.................!

zhed44 11-Sep-2005 12:54 AM

Gutted for you - been there, bought the "I've had my bike stolen" t-shirt. Hope it all works out.

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