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flanagaj 24-Oct-2005 11:14 PM

Meta 357T problem.
I have a Meta 357T Cat 1 alram on my 748. I had to disconnect the rear indicators and I think one of the leads must have touched the frame. Problem I have is that where as before the indicators used to flash once or twice when activating / deactivating they don't do that anymore and the only hint I get is when I turn the ignition key it beeps when the alram is on. My main concern is that I immobilised the bike and about 30 seconds later with the bike on its stand not being touched, the alram went off. As the bike is in my Mums garage and I don't live there I am not sure what I should do.




nelly 24-Oct-2005 11:33 PM

I have a customers bike in that appears to act the same. It had gone over on one of the indicators. There's some srt of error indication via the LED I think.
It's been tested at a Meta dealer and the PCB is shot.

I'm fiting a datatool ;)

antonye 25-Oct-2005 10:38 AM

There destructions for the 357T are here, if its any help.

Mine has been playing up recently too - it even stranded me in town for a couple of hours (and cost me 14 in new batteries for the remote!) but I think it was down to a weak battery.

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