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custard749 28-Dec-2013 06:27 PM

Gearing on a 1098
As I understand it the standard gearing on a standard 1098 is 15 tooth front and 38 on the rear, I would like to change this a bit just to make it a bit smoother at the lower end.
Any advice on what to go for, (not bothered to much about top end speed)
I have heard that it not a good idea to go 14 on the front with a 525 chain???? why is this, or can you?????

nelly 28-Dec-2013 07:05 PM

14t works fine. Chain wear and/or sprocket wear can increase but it's not great in the scheme of things. Poor maintenance will wear them quicker.....
You don't need a new chain or rear sprocket so the 14t front is a very cheap viable way of finding out if you like the change.
When you're ready for a new chain etc. then look at going back to a stock front and up the rear by 3 teeth which will give you about the same ratio but you'd need a longer chain.

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