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weeian 02-Mar-2006 01:29 AM

Classic Road Angel - Anyone got 1 ? ?
Dunno if this is the right section for this question, i spose it alarms you to the gov't stealing our money.

Has anyone got a Classic road angel ? a friend has offered me 1 for 150 and i was wondering if it was a good 1.

Comments appreciated !!

/ian :eureka:

wafty cranker 02-Mar-2006 07:39 AM

I have one, top bit of kit to be honest. I have a car kit, and also bought the bike mounting kit aswell. I have the bike mount fitted to my VFR, and it fits fine, not sure about the double bubble on the 999 though...

I bought mine from a company in Scotland that were selling on eBay, (I forget the name now), but I got lifetime free updates for my unit, and all in all, the price was, (with the fitting kit), 150. Oh, I also got the mobile detector chucked in.

I think 150 is a bit pricey to be honest, when you consider a friend of mine just sold his Classic on eBay for 70, mobile alert and bike fitting kit included.

Another option of course, which I use (because these days the Road Angel is hard wired into my car), is get a Garmin i3 Sat Nav unit, I bought mine for 99 from Somefield, the download the speed camera update. This then gives you exactly the same as road angel, i.e. all gatso, specs, mobile sites in the UK. And, the unit is so small and portable, it will fit on the 999 screen real snug.

So, 100 ish, and you will have a sat nav system, and a speed camera detector. Result.

Oh, and the download is free :)

Chaz 02-Mar-2006 10:45 AM

I have one had it about 3 years cost 350 but I recon it's saved me more than that good kit,

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