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KP 15-Mar-2006 12:25 PM

I am thinking of buying one of these (having converted my garage into a laundry room and shower room!) - does anyone use one or somthing similar?


:puzzled: KP

ratboy 15-Apr-2006 06:17 PM


I used to have one, whilst living up in London - it was the only way I could get insurance and that still came in at 1700!

Anyway, it was paid for and the company came down and built it for me on a concrete plinth. All fine and dandy - bit of a bug bear trying to gett he bike into the front cradle at first, but eventually got the hang of it and it worked really well. In ever feared for the bike whilst in the 'garage' although I always ensured the alarm was also set.

If you aren't planning to ever move, then it is spot on, you can break them down to ship, but they are heavy and you''ll need at least a couple of mates!



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