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lordmoonpie 11-Mar-2014 08:15 PM

999 frame measurement please?
I need some measuring help from a friendly 999 owner if there is one out there please?

I have a 999R frame and an early cast aluminium swingarm. The swingarm spindle is a stock length 267mm shank. When I put the swingarm in the frame, if you look at the bike from the back, there is about 7mm of space between the right side swingarm spacer and the engine so the swingarm slides left to right by as much as 7mm on the spindle itself.

The spindle reaches the frame on the right side but only just and if I put the eccentric aluminium spacers in the frame holes, only the bolt goes through the spacer, not the spindle. That doesn't seem right to me and makes me think I have a frame problem. The frame however is low mileage with no scratches let alone major damage.

Is there anyone with a 999 who can take two measurements for me please? I need to know as you look at the bike from behind, the gap between the right hand engine side and the frame inside, where the swingarm pivot point is and then also the inside frame left to inside frame right distance where the swingarm pivot is.

Maybe my frame is out of kilter by 12mm but it sounds like a lot to me. If so what's the suggestion for straightening it out - anyone had the cause to have that done?

Grateful for any help as my project is stuck until I can sort this out and it's driving me up the wall

Iconic944ss 11-Mar-2014 09:26 PM

Steve might well be able to help...


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