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juedas 06-Apr-2014 07:30 PM

cornwall calling
well hello all
now then i am thinking of gettin my first ducati and i have a problem and that is which to get:confused:
im torn between 2 and thats a 90s 900ss or the 748!! now im swayed to the 900ss as its a bit more classic retro lookin!! so really lookin for info on em and also an intro from me!!i run an fzr 400 at the mo and i love it!!i know its a fuzzy 4 cylinder!! have owned singles and triples so it is only rite to try 2 i think!! and a v one at that!!so stay well have fun:frog:

Iconic944ss 07-Apr-2014 10:49 AM

Welcome on board!

Good choice of future rides I must say :D

VERY different bikes you are considering and I dont think either would disappoint all I would say is that riding a v-twin is quite different to a 4...

You might want to consider getting a test ride first.

National Ducati test ride day 12th April and a Ducati road show is touring the country now - but the current Dukes are just so good - DONT take your wallet ;)

Huge amount of info and wisdom in the archives - enjoy.

Cheers - Frank

juedas 07-Apr-2014 06:08 PM

nice one frank i appreciate that!!
i have indulged myself in some of the wisdom on offer and very wise it was and no doubt continue to be and yes very diff bikes but one cant help who ya fall for can ya!!ha if and when i buy one i think it would be a good tang to have full membership so thanks again frank!!

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