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Pete A 06-Oct-2006 06:48 PM

Excellent deal on insurance!
Hi people,
If anyone's looking for a good deal on insurance try Access Underwriting.
I've just insured my 996S with them, having been with Ducati insurance & Devitt previously.
Their quote came out at under 200.00, although I ended up paying slightly more for including an extra 1000.00 pound cover for leathers & helmet plus recovery service, and the excess charge is 450.00 as opposed to the 600.00 that I've usually been quoted.
My quote includes all the mods. 50mm Termi's, mag. marchesinis, plus all the carbon and other stuff I've fitted.
In my favour I have been riding since '73 but they must be worth a try.
You can do an instant on - line quote - www.accessunderwriting.co.uk
I spoke to Steve Blake, someone who knows what he's talking about regarding bikes & mods. - He rides a Honda, but don't hold that against him!
Their 'phone No. is 0845 257 1355

Steve B 06-Oct-2006 07:31 PM

Will make a note of them for next year.

Have just covered my 2 dukes and honda winter bike with the AA.
Same cover as last year - fully comp protected no claims etc, for just over 250. No-one else (Ducati Ins, C Nash, Bennetts) came within 50.


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