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weeksyracing 06-May-2015 12:22 PM

Baffle Borrowing ? Akra 48mm Outlet Slipons ?
ARRGHHHHHH I knew I'd forgotten something.
they've STILL not arrived... Spoken to the dealer/supplier and he informs me that they're a 'made to order' part and can take up to 8 weeks... Wish they'd have sodding told me that before hand.
It seems they're impossible to find... so I may be stuffed.
Rocki is 104Db static... which is fairly noisy... but I REALLY don't wanna turn up and be blown out, especially as it's not my day, it's the wifes day on track !

If anyone can let me borrow a pair of baffles I'd be HUGELY thankful, need them for Sunday, can of course cover any postage costs etc.


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