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floydstar 19-Dec-2006 11:14 AM

Ducati 1098S Insurance
Hi - Has anyone had a look at quotes for the 1098S yet? Am waiting for DW Laxton, my current 748 insurer to come back to me but wondered if anyone had any quotes from elsewhere...Thanks

floydstar 19-Dec-2006 11:28 AM

I just heard back from Steve at DW Laxton (think this might be Access Underwriting?)
He said for first year it would be 600 FC BUT must have a siren fitted to the the exisiting Thatcham 1 system that apparently comes with the bike and must have a ground anchor fitted in my garage (not a bad idea anyway, but it is a dependency on them insuring me). he also reckoned that the second year that insuracne quote would be be halfed to around 300

Anyone else had any similar discussions with Insurance Companies? Thanks

Harry S 02-Jan-2007 02:36 PM

Trying to get any quote is proving a challenge - 'Is it a new bike sir? - no, we don't seem to have it listed...'.

Interested that the system is apparently Thatcham approved - called Ducati UK to get confirmation that it is as I didn't think it was following my 999, Monster experiences. The approved Duacti Alarm is, but not the factory fitted imobiliser (probably what you meant). Ducati Insurance DO recognise the imobiliser, even though it's not CAT1. Just been quoted for a 1098s and BMW R1200GS together and I wasn't too upset!

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