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Oakdale 02-Aug-2015 10:40 PM

Hi from Yorkshire
After having lots of trouble with my 6 month old BMW r1200 GS LC I decided it was time to get rid and buy the latest Multistrada. After reading all the reviews and reports on how amazing the bike is I arranged a test ride. Well I'm so disappointed. First of all I struggled to start the demo as the battery appeared nearly flat. The bike was in urban mode and ran like the choke was fully out. After a few miles It was noisy and ran like it was on 1 cylinder. My partner was on pillion and couldn't stand the ride. It gave heard a bad headache. When I returned it to the dealer he said there was nothing wrong with it. Ducatis aren't everybody's cup of tea? I really can't believe it was running OK please tell me this isn't the norm? I rode the GS back home and it felt like a sewing machine compared to the Ducati. I'm going to try another dealer and another demo and hopefully ride a better bike.

antonye 03-Aug-2015 01:39 PM

I had the new DVT to ride for 10 days out in Sardinia, and the engine is great but Urban mode is just dreadful! I found it far easier to ride in Sport mode than Urban, even in town!

Take the bike out and switch it into Sport or Touring mode, you'll find it much, much better. After a couple of days in Touring mode I switched it into Sport mode and left it like that. The only time it went back into Touring was to save fuel on a long motorway slog from one end of the island to the other.

Given that the bike is so new, I would expect that Ducati will release an update to the fuel maps to help smooth things out a bit and make Urban mode worth using.

Oakdale 03-Aug-2015 02:06 PM

I will try again then. Glad it's not just me. All the best Andy

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