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Iconic944ss 05-Sep-2015 10:37 PM

Canada 2015: Wild Canada West
Well, thats the title given our tour by the hire company, I'm still trying to decide on my own.

Nearly back a week now and I cant get my head around all the sights and things we did. The whole tour was riddled with issues that we overcome but sadly made it much more stressful than it should of been.

The GS1200's (Loony and Toony) after the Canadian 1 and 2 dollar coin names (yes, really) were very capable but a bit... uninspiring, sorry - I rode the higher spec red, (Loony, fancy that) model and was glad of the heated grips and cruise control it must be said:

Our routed changed a bit in the last month of planning to include a dip into the USA:

Starting and finishing at 'J'

Yes, it was crazy, awesome, frightening and wonderful:


and yes, we rode to the top of an 8500 foot mountain...

We managed 2000 miles in total but, in fairness the speed limits are much lower than here and the penalties much

stiffer so we were very good boys (when needed, anyway).

I'll do a proper writeup in time but I'll finish off by saying if you get the chance to even GO to Canada, never mind ride

once there:
Just DO it :-)

Cheers - Frank & Norrie

Go on then a bit of Video from my JVC cam, can still feel the joy of being of the road!

skidlids 05-Sep-2015 11:05 PM

Fantastic views/back drops, look forward to your more detailed write up Frank

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