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bally71 23-Oct-2015 11:44 AM

Class A Monster
If anyone fancied doing a ground up build I've changed my plans for next year and I'm going to stick with my SS.

I've stripped and cleaned the bike ready to build and collected all the parts together over the last year or so ... so will save someone a whole sack load of ball ache.

There's a fair bit of work involved so please no one who is expecting to put it together in a weekend but all the advice required is on the forum.

If no one is interested I'll sell everything separately.

2002 Monster 620 Frame (Engine matches the frame and V5 for both)
620 Engine (Needs a refresh)
Swing Arm and standard rear shock
ST fully adjustable forks
916 Tank (x2)
916 Fuel pump
Front and rear wheels (later type)
Exhaust headers
GP Style exhaust (Brand new and unused)
Throttle bodies
Air box
1098 Fairings (brand new and unused)
1098 race seat (brand new and unused)
Brembo calipers front/rear

1150 for the lot

skidlids 25-Oct-2015 07:16 PM

any interest yet Alan as it really is a bargain,

As I've said before anybody would be hard pushed to build a basic 620 race bike from parts for anything less than 2500 unless they are lucky enough to grab a deal like this or get really lucky with a deal like the 620 Monster on Gumtree last week

bally71 26-Oct-2015 07:11 PM

Nope .. expected my hand to get snapped off but it's still there.

I'll give it a week or so and sell all the parts separately .. shame really.

bally71 28-Feb-2016 01:13 PM

Sorry guys .. changed plans now.

Keeping it and going to build a sexy road bike with it.

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