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Spud312r 07-Jun-2016 11:07 AM

1199S LED Mod to have both High and low beams on together
Hi team

Has anybody come across this modification so that on High Beam, the Low beam LED's are on as well?

I have found the High Beam okish/poor down country lanes, the biggest issue is that i cant seem to adjust it's height as its pointing to close to the bike rather than further down the lanes.
(adjusters are for low beam only...)

Now i'm wondering if changing the suspension from "F" to "P" has raised the rear which maybe causing the problem, but i had read that the linkage is for changing the shock profile - not the ride height as there is a specfic ride height adjuster on the ohlins shock ..

Spud312r 07-Jun-2016 03:05 PM

Just taken out headlight and removed the black cover on the bottom of the headlight.. and heh presto - there are the main beam V/H adjusters - there is no way you can get to them with the cover on .. crazy design..
I have now put headlight back on, minus cover just to line up on a wall to adjust the main beam ..

Would still like to have both High and Low on when switching to High Beam..

Iconic944ss 07-Jun-2016 05:31 PM


How about some LED driving lights on the fork legs? I think even Ducati have them in the performance catalogue (admittedly for the Multistradas).

antonye 10-Jun-2016 01:57 PM

Just be careful that the power draw isn't too high, as it could cause issues with the LED driver box or even the headlight itself overheating?

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