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robv 21-Aug-2016 10:10 AM

NEMESIS issue 998
Hi people, bought a used Nemesis 2 ecu from a guy in USA from his 998. Received it plug it into my 998 loaded a map no problems bike starts and runs, had it down at the Dyno and relised the tacho gauge dosnt work. Refitted stock ecu and it does work fine, plug in Nemesis again no tacho, further investigation shows i have the type 1 not type 3 for the 998. Any way to get the tacho working again?

skidlids 21-Aug-2016 10:18 AM

I would be more worried about the lack of info from the Air temp and Air pressure sensors as that info is fed down the CAN line to the ECU while the revs travel up the CAN to the dash
But I bet some settings could be entered that it runs OK most of the time without trimming the fueling by way of the varying air temp and pressure

On a 916 I recently sold I had a Elliot revcounter fitted in place of the stock tacho and that picked up off the coil trigger wire.

robv 21-Aug-2016 10:33 AM

mmmm ok, so what settings need adjusting? or do I cut my losses and search for a type 3

skidlids 22-Aug-2016 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by robv
mmmm ok, so what settings need adjusting? or do I cut my losses and search for a type 3

Not sure on the settings as i don't know how the nemesis responds to not seeing the signal/value it is expecting. There maybe a default setting for when a Air pressure sensor or air temp sensor go faulty
It may be a case of changing the air pressure values to all the same as there isn't a huge amount of altitude change in this country and depend when you ride your bike it may not be dealing with big variations of air temp.

What I intend doing with both my 998s is to fit the 1098 dash and looms along with the Nemesis Type 1 ECU that way I get all the features the Nemesis has to offer

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