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stevebid 22-Aug-2016 05:41 PM

1198 front sproket
has anyone on here changed the front sprocket to one tooth less on an 1198 does it help i know it does with the 748/916 stuff does it affect speedo or anything else
it just that im running around and very rarely get 5th never mind 6th and round town its hard work just wondering if anyone done it there isnt much info on here for 1198 is there
thanks steve
also ive got a full 70mm system and ecu fitted if that matters

antonye 01-Sep-2016 08:52 PM

Shouldn't affect the speedo as that is driven off the rear wheel and that doesn't change.
It's only equivalent to a couple of teeth at the rear anyway but you need to watch that you don't make the chain run too tight and also that it doesn't rub on anything either.
Have a search on here as I'm sure someone will have done it!

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